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"And these are but the outer fringe of His works; how faint the whisper we hear of Him."

Job 26:14 (NIV)

Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones once said: "There is nothing so likely to lead to error or heresy than to focus on the parts rather than the whole." At its outset, the TAG initiative is committed to avoiding tangents and pursuing passion for Jesus and His Presence. Our magnificent obsession is for Jesus Christ to be central, not peripheral, "that in everything HE might have pre-eminence." Col 1:18



Dr. Alveda King
Dr. Michael Brown
RT Kendall
Steve Strang
Dr. Ming Wang
Don Finto
Larry Tomczak
James Goll
Dr. David Foster
David Kubal
Scott and Sarah Macleod
Lyndon Allen
Ray McCollum
Melanie Tomczak
Mickey Robinson
Veritas Project
Dr. Anthony Jones
Dr. Brent Boles
Maggie Kollen


1720 — 1760 Amidst horrendous societal decline, God answered His people’s prayers for revival in the First Great Awakening.

1800 — 1840 When skepticism and moral decay spun out of control, God did it again through the Second Great Awakening.

Today as America experiences a dramatic, serious cultural meltdown an awakening is essential not optional. God is giving us a chance – it may be our last.

“I’ve been praying fervently that we might have a fresh spiritual awakening in America.”

Rev Billy Graham (Turned 95 in November)


Everything starts with God’s initiative, then our response. If you sense a stirring in your heart, you are cordially invited to align with Christians throughout Nashville as part of TAG (The Awareness Group).


Recognizing that we are engaged in a titanic struggle with forces of evil, we choose to be an informed, discerning and courageous people of faith. We share a conviction that apathy, indifference and ignorance are unacceptable and retreat is not an option considering what is at stake—our faith, families and future. Consecrating our lives afresh to Jesus as Lord, we do not want to compromise in our generation, neglect our God-given cultural mandate (Genesis 1:28 and Matthew 28:16) or become marginalized and ineffective in the public square. Embracing our call to be “salt” and “light” amidst today’s cultural crisis, we need to come together in unity and a spirit of humility to gain awareness of today’s pressing issues from a Biblical world view; pray fervently for another Great Awakening; and purpose to declare the gospel and unchanging scriptural truths in a clear, compelling and charitable way.

We respect and pray for the spiritual leaders of our city and thank God they “watch over our souls as those who will give an account” (Hebrews 13:17). We trust they will experience renewed boldness in their lives and set an example for us and our families. Let’s recall the famous words of John Adams honoring the pastors and spiritual leaders who spearheaded the First Great Awakening and American Revolution: “the pulpits have thundered” and certain ministers were among “the most ardent and influential” in the “awakening and a revival of American principles and feelings” that led to American independence. May God do so again in our generation.


1. Prayer Foundation: Each Sunday’s gathering will be preceded by intercession for our city and nation. Christians will be encouraged to consider involvement at NHOP (Nashville House of Prayer) and FPH (Franklin Prayer House).

2. Scriptural Foundation: Local and national leaders will address today’s hot-button issues from a Biblical world view.

Format: Instruction (45 minutes)
Q&A (15 minutes)

3. The TAG initiative is NOT a church or a gathering for a future church. It’s an opportunity for Christians of all backgrounds to come together under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

4. TAG supports ALL Nashville churches and ministries and intends to supplement the wonderful teaching ministries resident in our local area.

5. Punctuality is treating other people’s time as valuable as our own. Therefore, everyone is requested to be punctual for our 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. timeframe in addition to showing respect for our special guest speakers.

6. To keep everything streamlined and simple, there will be no children’s ministry, worship or refreshments and announcements (if any) will be minimal.

7. In line with God’s heart for families and intergenerational ministry, young people are strongly encouraged to come and be equipped as critical thinkers and cultural leaders in all spheres of our society.

8. To keep expenses to a minimum, advertising of TAG will primarily be through social media and word-of-mouth. Attendees are requested to invite and include others regularly.

9. At every meeting, a freewill offering will be received to cover expenses, honor guest speakers and periodically invest in a worthy cause.

10. Jesus prayed prior to His crucifixion that His followers “would be one” (John 17:21). TAG provides Christians throughout the area an excellent opportunity to “flesh out” His petition in a tangible, visible way.

May everyone prioritize and plan for consistent involvement, following not what’s convenient, popular or a personality. To help us stay focused, specific themes and speakers will not be announced in advance; only a general overview will be presented quarterly.

The one exception is the first gathering, which will be on Sunday, September 8, 2013 as we host The Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.’s niece, Dr. Alveda King. She will be speaking on “Racism, Reproductive Genocide and Restructuring Marriage.”

(Not necessarily in this order)

Fall Quarter: Sundays starting September 8 – December 10, 2013
7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Location: To be Announced on September 8, 2013


• Tolerance of all world religions
• Responding to atheism
• Understanding Islam
• Same-sex marriage
• Abortion and the sanctity of life
• Cohabitation/living together
• Can a Christian be gay?
• Separation of church and state
• Israel and the Middle East
• Fatherlessness in America
• Should a Christian be involved in politics?
• Keys to revival
• The challenges our youth face
• The reality of hell and eternal judgment
• Legalization of marijuana
• The hyper-grace message
• Pornography
• Divorce & Remarriage
• Suicide
• Is it wrong to judge?

Many pastors secretly admit they find it difficult to address controversial topics such as the above. Due to certain ministry constraints, fear of offending donors, jeopardizing a building project, becoming controversial or political, scaring off unbelievers, etc. they remain silent and therefore the people of God remain unequipped, timid and uninvolved. An area wide coming together of hungry believers in this type setting not only lifts the hindrance but inspires new courage and intercession where the church has often been remiss.


— Nancy Alcorn
— Lyndon Allen
— Dr. Michael Brown
— Don Finto
— Dr. Alveda King
— Maggie Kollen
— David Kubol
— Bob Perry
— Representative from Jay Sekulow's
American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ)
— Larry Tomczak
— Melanie Tomczak

We invite you to invest 60 minutes from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Sunday evenings to receive an impartation from local and national leaders so you gain awareness of today’s critical issues and are equipped to play a part in God’s intention for a genuine, heaven-sent awakening.

NOTE: This represents only a partial list of godly servant-leaders who unite in agreement with the TAG initiative. If you are a leader, resist any whispering of the enemy that you were “left out…forgotten…not consulted or approached.” May nothing hold anyone back from involvement in this urgent time.

Some Commendations:

“The sons of Issachar ‘understood the times and knew what Israel should do’ (1Chronicles 12:32). The people of God must understand the times in which we are living so that we will know how to shine more brilliantly in the midst of the deepening darkness. That’s what The Awareness Group is designed to do.”

Don Finto
The Caleb Company
One of Nashville’s “patriarchs” in the faith
Pastor Emeritus – Belmont Church

“I encourage believers from throughout the entire Nashville area to come together in unity for this tremendous opportunity at TAG. May we experience another awakening in this land!

Dr. Alveda King
Niece of The Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.
Director of African-American Outreach, Priests for Life

“I’m thrilled to see Larry Tomczak, my long-time friend, and leaders gathering believers in Nashville together to bring awareness to some of the most critical moral and culture issues of our day. I’m confident he and others will do so with wisdom, soundness, integrity and grace.”

Dr. Michael Brown
Host, The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast
President, FIRE School of Ministry, Concord, NC

“When Larry challenged me over three decades ago to be a pioneer, not a settler, the message changed the entire course of my life! I stand together with you in this endeavor.”

Lou Engle
Visionary and Co-founder of The Call Solemn Assemblies
– America and abroad

“Scripture says that David served the purpose of God in his generation and then fell asleep. Today it is imperative that Christians in their localities come together in unity to hear what God is saying to His Church. I wholeheartedly commend TAG and encourage Christians throughout the area to prioritize being at these gatherings. May God awaken this generation to prayerful loving action.”

Mike Bickle
Author and Founder of IHOP (International House of Prayer)

“It is my joy and honor to commend TAG – the teachings, mentoring and efforts of relational unity and prayer. May His Kingdom come!”

James Goll
Encounters Network
Prayer Storm

“I prayed fervently for over three decades for this! Let’s all come together and watch what God will do!”

Bob Perry
NHOP (Nashville House of Prayer)
FPH (Franklin Prayer House)

“We all know in our hearts that we need a fresh awakening in America! I wholeheartedly encourage believers from throughout Nashville to come together for this outstanding opportunity to mature as we are instructed on the current issues facing us and our families today.”

Nancy Alcorn
Founder and Director
Mercy Ministries

“I wholeheartedly stand with Larry, Bob and my fellow leaders in the city for this exciting opportunity to receive God’s blessing in this urgent time.”

Scott MacLeod
Senior Pastor, Fortress Fellowship
Founder of Provision International, Harvest Sound and Thunder School

“If you would do the best with your life, find out what God is doing in your generation and ‘fling yourself into it’! I invite you to be a part of history and join the people of God who hunger to hear His prophetic word for this hour.”

Larry Tomczak
Best-selling Author, Cultural Communicator
Board Member of Intercessors for America
– National Prayer Ministry (38 years)